A jet-set visitor

Today we had a visit from our NYC friend Colin.  He was in Spain on vacation for about 2 weeks, and saw a super cheap EasyJet flight to Gatwick, and so hopped up here to London for about 24 hours. How cool is that?  It’s so easy here to do things like that. I can’t imagine anyone in the US flying to Chicago just for the day …

Alex took Colin on a whirlwind tour of London, and we just got back from having pints at the local pub. And will you believe that the one night we actually wanted fish & chips, they were out of fish?  Shocking!  That’s okay, instead there were pies.  🙂

We’re getting really excited this weekend to go meet our friends Ann & Gary in Glasgow. We haven’t seen them in ages, and since they’re in Scotland on vacation, we’re hopping the train up there for a long weekend. I’m hoping to see some good architecture, and Alex is looking forward to a scenic trip.

Oh, I’ve been asked for a report on the Kit Kat flavors.  So far we’ve tried the lemon (YUM!), the Coca-Cola (not so yum), the orange (exactly what you’d expect) and the mint (I thought it tasted like toothpaste).  Those were the only flavors that had recognizable labels (read: pictures) on the front, so we could figure out the flavor.  The rest are going to be a mystery!  I’ll post more as we much our way through the stack.

I hope you’re all having a good week. Things are very dry here at the moment, and we’re hoping for a few good rainstorms.  Oh!  And in case you forgot — it’s only 10 days until my birthday!  🙂



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