On the menu

Tomorrow’s menu for the staff canteen includes Welsh Rarebit, an item I have seen mentioned in British cuisine but never before tried. Sometimes it is called Welsh Rabbit, which seemed to suggest some kind of meat dish.  Luckily my friend Paul (he’s the chef who made me some guacamole on May 5, and for whom I procured a jar of Skippy in return) explained that Welsh Rarebit is really neither Welsh, nor rare. It’s not even meat.

In fact, Welsh Rarebit is really just a fancy name for a grilled cheese sandwich!  Can you believe that?  I had no idea! It’s melted cheese on toasted bread… which I think I’ve eaten about 67,264 times in my life.  Seriously.

Michael Quinion, writes: “Welsh rabbit is basically cheese on toast (the word is not ‘rarebit’ by the way, that’s the result of false etymology; ‘rabbit’ is here being used in the same way as ‘turtle’ in ‘mock-turtle soup’, which has never been near a turtle, or ‘duck’ in ‘Bombay duck’, which was actually a dried fish called bummalo)”.

So there you have it. Now I’m really excited for lunch tomorrow!  Of course, Wednesday’s menu is for grilled sardines, so I supposed my joy will be short-lived.


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  1. Nicola Wood

    Yummy… they have it a lot in Belgium/North West France border too (Lille area)… it comes in a dish and they put cook beer into it. Very rich and very naughty!!

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