Euro Pop

So I have to admit that I don’t totally understand Euro Pop. I understand that technically the term means “songs that are popular in Europe” … but I just have to ask … WHY?!?

And then I found this site. EuroPopped is a great little site that examines the top of the European Charts and translates it into American — or at least tries to!

This is the review that got me hooked:

“First rule of Serbian high five sexytime club: you must actually be sexy to write a song called “Sexy.” Serbia’s MC Stojan is not very sexy. In his recently-released clip for “Sexy” (see below) he exudes all the senusality of a guy who works at a gas station. The only thing that almost saves this song is Tina Ivanović’s vocals, but she’s not really sexy either. From Stojan’s wikipedia page: ‘His songs are usuallly full of lyrics about sex or eating.’ Enough said.”

Now, I know my friends from CMU are going to have the same reaction that I did after watching that.  “When did Sebastian become a Serbian rock star?”  And why is he singing with his mother???


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