Happy Bastille Day!

Or should I say, le quatorze juillet!  Unfortunately I missed the Bastille Day celebrations in Battersea Park this past weekend (the buckets of snot pouring out of my nose prohibited any crepe enjoyment) … but since today is actually the day of La Fête Nationale, I might just have to do something French related this evening. Like toast. That sounds yummy!

I did stop in St. Pancras (NOT the internal organ, thank you very much!) for dinner last night. Let me say that watching the French try to figure out how to order food at Yo Sushi! is pretty funny. Yo Sushi is a popular chain restaurant here in London, where the sushi travels around on a coveyor belt. You sit at the bar, and basically pull off whatever food you want. They bill you later by how many plates you have, and what color they are.  But this one French family that I was observing totally didn’t understand. They kept trying to grab the plates, but then getting scared and jerking back. I shouldn’t have been amused, but I was.

I love watching the school groups, too. It seems that traveling by EuroStar is so much exciting than traveling by plane. It’s ironic that a technology that is older than flight still has the greater cachet.

On a completely different note: I’m wearing sandles! My mummy dearest surprised me by shipping me a pair, and I’m enjoying them today even though it’s a bit chilly. Unfortunately they’ve shown how desperately I need a pedicure. Oh, how I miss that cheap salon on 55th St!

I did get a few minutes to chat with Alex earlier. His trip is going really well, and he’s loving Japan. He’s got one more day in Tokyo, and then he’s swinging through Yokohama and down to Osaka. (He was very excited about the tall buildings and the free observation decks, and the really fast elevators!)  He’s taking the Shinkasen bullet train, so you all have a lovely post to look forward to about that!

Not much other news to report from this side of the pond.  Hope you all have a lovely hump day, and don’t forget to Viva la France!


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