Tokyo Today

A quick post to say that I’m here in Tokyo!  After a 10-hour flight from Helsinki, we had a rough landing in very windy Tokyo, but a breeze passing through the airport – no waiting – and on into the city.  I managed to sleep maybe as much as four hours (it can be hard to tell, you know!) on the plane, and I’m not sure how I’ll ever fly on overnight flights in economy again after Finnair’s business class – I’ll try to take some pictures of the setup on the way back.

First impressions – very tropical and lush, very hot and humid.  The density is certainly incredible, and very modern but in a bit of a 1980s sort of way.  The city is incredibly cosmopolitan but not as culturally diverse as New York or London.  More in the days to come! 

I'm staying at the Grand Price Hotel Akasaka - a modernist masterpiece, to be torn down in spring 2011

Blurry, but part of the view from the free observatory at the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices - with Yoyogi Park in the middle

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  1. Wow!!! This is so cool! Drink it all in! (and I don’t mean just saki!) Have a great experience! Love, ywm, Valerie

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