De La Warr Pavilion

The main draw (for me, at least) in Bexhill was the the De La Warr Pavilion. I’d read a little bit about it, and since it’s considered to be (one of) the first Modernist buildings in the UK, I was excited to see.

Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed. There is a nice spiral-y staircase, and a lovely balcony overlooking the beach, but otherwise the building is very conventional!  It’s a concrete block. Period. Maybe I’m just not attenuated to the unique elements that make this building so special.

I must say that all the promotional photographs make the place look spectacular. The photographer/s really used great lighting and angles to focus attention on all the great stuff and crop out all the plebian stuff. But in person, it just doesn’t have the same sparkle.  (Or maybe it just shows what a rubbish photographer I am!)


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