St Nicholas Market in Bristol

The St Nicholas Market in Bristol is a fantastic example of a medieval market, and is consistently rated one of the ten best in the UK.  With the little streets, market stalls, and hand-made signs, it is the perfect place to spend the afternoon.  You might even hear the locals speaking “Brizzle”, the local Bristollian dialect.

Some of the small streets were open to the air, but one section had a glass ceiling overhead. This was my favorite!  I can only imagine what it will look like in the holiday season, with lights everywhere. Oh darn, guess we’ll have to go back! In the photo below several of the stalls are closed for the day already, but the area was still bustling.

The stores are a mix between touristy and local, and I was encouraged to find “normal” wares at many of the stores. Not the things I was looking for as a memento, but things that an everyday shopper would need for life in Bristol. To me, this shows that the market doesn’t exist only for tourism, but still serves an important function to modern-day Bristollians.

I was particularly proud of Alex when lunchtime rolled around, and he suggested a Moroccan restaurant!  The food was served on colorful plates, and many of the tables consisted of large bronze trays. We chose to eat on the terrace-like area, but the inside was bright and colorful and looked amazing. 

We did not buy anything at the market, but we certainly enjoyed looking. In fact, Alex had to pry me away from the used-book store!  I even found a Fodor’s book from 1995!  (Still completely accurate, I’m sure.)


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