A funny Tube ad

Specsavers is a one-hour optical company, similar to Lenscrafters. They’re quite popular and well-recommended here in the UK, and they’ve just launched a humorous ad campaign. The tag line, which remains consistent through all their advertising, is “You should have gone to Specsavers”. 

In this particular ad, we see a horse and racing jockey lined up at the gates (or turnstyles) to the Tube, instead of the gates of the race track. On some days the trip to work definitely feels like a horserace, so I thought this quite clever! 

There is another ad with a shorter man grasping for the hanging strap in the Tube, but he inadvertently grabs a woman’s hoop earrings instead. That one is not so well-done, since the Tube doesn’t actually have hang-straps!  But still a fun idea.

I really like how advertisers in the UK grasp that the Tube is a unique marketing environment, and how they customize so many of their campaigns for the transport system. It’s cheeky and brilliant.


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