The Madrid Teleferico

…Or perhaps I should call it the Teriffico!

The Teleferico Madrid is a cable car that travels from the Paseo del Pintor Rosales (a very popular walking area) over the Principe Pio train station, Manzaneres River, a freeway, and into the Casa de Campo park. The one -way journey takes 11 minutes (2.5 km), so you have plenty of time to get over your fear of heights!

The cable car functions a lot like a ski lift/gondola , with enclosed cars and doors that lock. At the platforms at either end the cars come to a complete stop, but they still swing a lot when you get in and out. Although the windows open (slightly),  I think it would get really really hot during the day. We rode the cars between 8 and 9 pm, which was just about right. Luckily those long Spanish evenings allow you to experience the city before dark, but after the worst of the heat.

Once you’re on the other city in Casa de Campo, most people venture out to explore the park. It’s a huge area, and very wild. They have paths for running for biking, and a great many people tend to “get lost” for a day to enjoy nature. The Teleferico also seemed to be quite popular with young lovers … !!!

I really enjoyed being able to see the Palace and the Catedral de Almudena overlooking the city. I can only imagine what a great view they have! This was one of my favorite activities in Spain, even though it doesn’t seem to get much attention from the guide books. There is a touristy-cafe on the Campo side, where we sat (eating ice cream, of course) and enjoyed the view.

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