From Published to Pulped to Painted

Whilst visiting the Bristol Art Museum, I was excited to see this work by artist Mike Stilkey. He uses books to create an image, an interesting juxtaposition between two art forms. Basically he takes books that are going to be pulped (a sad but necessary aspect of publishing that I can talk more about if you’re interested) and uses them to create a visual piece.

Here you can see the whole work, from a distance. He’s painted some of the spines, but left others with their original bindings (oh, they even used foil!) for the background.

And here is a closeup of some of the books. The fact that the spines were printed in foil really kills me, because obviously someone, somewhere, thought that this book would be financially successful enough to justify the added printing costs. And yet here these books were on their way to the pulper!  I’m curious to know whether any of the authors know that their books are being repurposed this way, and if they’d have anything to say about it…. what do you say? Terry Wogan?  Dave Pelzer?  Are you out there?


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