Boys are smelly

This post (from perfectly capture my feelings about a local ad campaign currently around town here in London.  The ad has appeared in various forms both in bus shelters and in the Tube. 

Lynx/Axe (same company, different names in UK/US) have upset me before with their sexist ad campaigns, but this one is more subtly irritating. (Kind of like their fragrance, actually.) Basically the add suggests that if you use their morning soap, you’re more likely to wake up properly and actually remember which hot girl you slept with. Because us girls are soooo annoying about things like that. 


There are about four or five photos of young, good looking women, a mixture of blondes and brunettes, all wearing either shorts or short skirts. They are all holding placards with their names on them. Then the next [posters] say “who was wearing the hot pants?” and “who was wearing the red skirt?”

I can’t put my finger on what annoys me most about this campaign. Perhaps it’s the idea that men need a special soap product in order to treat women like human beings. Or perhaps it’s the assumption that hey, we’ve all had those moments where a fully formed adult woman told us her name and tried to engage us in conversation but come on, she was wearing hot pants so who the fuck remembers what her name was, right guys? If she wanted me to take her seriously as a human being with thoughts and feelings and a name, she shouldn’t have been wearing something so hot, amirite?

Although this ad is less offensive that some that I’ve seen (and the European acceptance for fleshy ads is much higher than in the States), this campaign still upsets me. 

If only Don Draper were here to write something better! But wait, that wouldn’t really help, because Lynx/Axe still smells terrible!


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