Black Pudding for breakfast?

“Would you like some black pudding?”

Ah, what an innocent question it seemed. I was enjoying the Friday morning fry-up here at the office, when I was offered this seemingly special treat. My brain starts thinking of all the puddings I’ve ever had, and I decide that black pudding can, of course, only refer to dark chocolate.  And who doesn’t want dark chocolate Jell-o for breakfast??  It seemed like a dumb question at the time… because of course everyone wants some!  Duh!

You can imagine my confusion when a slice, looking something like this, was deposited on my plate:

Black pudding is NOT a yummy dark chocolate Jell-o.  It is, in fact, blood sausage. But being the brave and adventurous foodie that I am (don’t laugh!) I proceeded to sample the blood sausage. And I hereby declare it quite tasty!

Blood sausage is basically made by taking a bucket of blood (in the UK it is usually pig or cattle blood, but can be made with sheep, goat, or horse blood as well), and combining the blood with a filler (oatmeal, barley, bread, onion, etc.).  The filler soaks up the blood, and then the whole thing is cooled until the congeals. Sound appetizing?

Well, I can personally attest that it’s delish!  You can definitely taste a lot of iron, but it doesn’t take like blood. Nor can you taste the oatmeal. The combination of the blood and the filler has a cakey-texture, but with so much iron it definitely feels like meat or sausage.  It was the perfect accompaniment to my egg and toast.

There is even a sport here in the UK called black pudding throwing — where participants see how far they can fling a sausage. There are rumors that this event will be “unofficially” added to the 2012 Olympics!


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