I’ll show you “mansize”

Okay folks, roll up your sleeves, it’s time for some feminist outrage!

Why, oh why, has Kleenex felt it necessary to gender-identify tissues? This is preposterous!  My nose is just as runny, my snot just as germy, and my blowing just as powerful (excuse the double entendre) as any man!  There is absolutely no reason to create a special gender-oriented tissue.

See the pictures we snapped at the store recently. The “man size” tissues are HUGE compared to a regular, standard size, which has suddenly been branded “Feel Me, I’m gorgeous”.  Can anyone at Kleenex say sexist? So not only do men get bigger, stronger tissues, but female tissues exist only to be felt, because they’re nice and soft, just like women.

I have to say, the only positive I can see is that at least the boxes aren’t color coordinated blue and pink. That would be the ultimate disgrace in marketing.

I would also like to post a disclaimer. I am a passionate person. I have passionate opinions. Sometimes people are uncomfortable with this. I have created a special “Speaker’s Corner” tag for these ranting posts of mine — feel free to ignore them.


Posted on 20/05/2010, in Feminist Outrage, Speaker's Corner and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I’m with you, girl. I bet that I can out sneeze any man and feel that my little nose could benefit from some mansize kleenex.

  2. See, here in the good ol’ US of A, I buy my tissues in the “Costco size.” Of course, that doesn’t refer to the size of the actual tissues, but the ginormous quantity. Costco doesn’t gender-discriminate. Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask. Do they have anything like Costco or Sam’s Club over there? Do people think warehouse stores like that are totally ridiculous?

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