A Post About Mail

United States:
We receive mail or mail things via the Postal Service

it must go through!

United Kingdom:
We receive post or post things via the (Royal) Mail Service

The entity established in 1516 by Henry VIII under the "Master of the Posts"

Good luck figuring that one out…but at least both have post offices!  Which is more modern?  Well, despite it’s relative youth (having been recently established by Ben Franklin in 1775), the USPS still has a Postmaster General, which the British got rid of in 1969, in part of its oh-so-late-twentieth-century-British moves to privatization.  Although the British do have those old-timey red post boxes around, so who knows.

A couple of other fun facts…the British Post Office renamed itself “Consignia”  in 2000, but SHOCKINGLY it was highly unpopular and revoked.  Who could have guessed that taking all traces of the words post or mail out of the name would be a problem?  Also, although I’ve seen no proof, there was a two-month strike in 1971, bringing postal services to a halt – so perhaps the British post-force also tends to “go postal” a bit. 

Back in the New World, did you know that Wikipedia claims the USPS to be the second-largest civilian employer in the US, behind Wal-Mart, with nearly 600,000 workers? 



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