Ramblin’ Around

Last Friday after work Alex and I met in the city and walked across the Tower Bridge. We were on our way to a movie, and I just love the idea that we passed the Tower of London on a regular old Friday night!  Sometimes it still strikes me as totally amazing that we’re actually living in London!

Then on the Monday bank holiday we went out to brunch in Soho, and walked down Regent Street to Waterloo Place. We saw the Crimean War memorial, and the statue of Florence Nightengale. It kind of annoyed me that although she got a statue, so did the man who sent her to the war.

Then we turned left up the Mall and through the Admiralty Arch into Trafalgar Square.

Okay okay, I admit it. We were playing tourist this weekend.  Walking around central London, taking silly pictures … but isn’t it cool that we can do that whenever we want? We don’t have a time limit on our vacation!


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  1. Yeah, yeah, beautiful picture!!! It truly is amazing. The picture are so great. I am enjoying the tour so much. Have fun! Love, Valerie

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