Whilst dining out a few weeks ago, we came across this delicious cider from Sweden. It’s called Rekorderlig, and it’s 4.5% alcohol. It cost £3 in the restaurant, but we’re so excited because we just found it at the local market for £1 each!  We bought six bottles, but we probably could have gotten more.  Many of the traditional ciders have a really harsh or acidic taste, but this cider is really smooth and doesn’t have that biting aftertaste.  So if anyone is going Sweden anytime soon, or happens to have a really well-stocked liquor store, check it out!

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  1. Hi Astrid,

    We’ll look for it when we go to Applejack next. We also have a couple of big liquor stores (supermarkets) that have sprung up since you left which are at least the same size as Applejeck or larger.

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