UPDATE: “We are not the masters of the situation.”
This from a Danish civil aviation authority spokesman regarding the decision to close the airspace in Denmark.  This situation in northern Europe is unprecedented, for sure; Heathrow normally handles about 1,200 flights and 180,000 passengers per day.  I’ll bet the Eurostar train through the Channel Tunnel and the ferries over to Europe are bursting at the seams!    -Alex
In case you haven’t heard, all flights in the UK have been cancelled!  Every single flight, at every single airport, is grounded.  A volcanic explosion at Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull Glacier is causing a “cloud of ash” to cover most of Europe — and could cause problems for airplanes.  This article explains the details fairly well.


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  1. Suzanne M-G

    Yeah, John and I saw it on the morning news as we were having breakfast and feeding the cats. We are SO glad we are not on our way to Europe, or even Turkey right now.
    David Key was just here in Denver last week. I had lunch with him on Friday last. I’m not sure if he has gone back yet; he was going to come by Monday, but got caught up in something else. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were stuck here right now.

  2. Could you kindly develop a way to let me know how to pronounce THAT glacier’s name? That’s worse than “Agt-en-tagtig-pragtige-grachten” ! ! !

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