New Vocabulary

Since we got to London I’ve been keeping a little list of the new words we’ve encountered. This is by no means exhaustive, since I sometimes forget to write them down, but I thought you might enjoy a little sample. It’s definitely interesting — the cultures are so similar, yet there are so many differences!

On the dexter side of the coin:   has the same meaning as “on the other hand”

To go fossicking:  a Cornish and Australian word, meaning to go prospecting

To hove to:  similar to heave, used in sailing

Lumpenprole: a member of the lumpenproletariat, the lowest level of the proletariat comprising unskilled workers, vagrants, and criminals and characterized by a lack of class identification and solidarity. [especially in Marxist theory]

Fly tipping: illegally dumping your garbage or trash where it does not belong

Plimsolls: gym shoes, but not tennis shoes

Braces: suspenders worn instead of a belt

Pinny: apron used for cooking or paking

Drawing pins: push pins or thumb tacks

Sleeping policeman: speed bump, sometimes also called a humped pelican

Lollipop Man: crossing guard for children walking to school

Estate Car: a station wagon

Skip: a dumpster for lots of trash

Butty: a sandwich

Bap: a hamburger bun

Marrow: squash, as in the vegetable, not the sport

Swiss roll: a jelly roll or doughnut, or as JFK would say, a Berliner

Rounders: American style baseball


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  1. This is so interesting! Certainly can see some Latin. VAB

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