Bald Spots!

Uh oh!  Booker has a slight case of ringworm. We suspected as much over the weekend, but I took him the vet this morning for confirmation and some treatment options. I didn’t know this, but ringworm is not actually a worm. It’s a fungus, kind of like athlete’s foot. We’re not sure how he contracted this particular little nasty, but we’re hoping it doesn’t spread. He doesn’t seem bothered by it at all, which is encouraging.

The worst thing the vet did (other than take his temperature from an inconvenient location) was to shave the poor little guy!  So now he has a big bald spot on his back.

Booker has a bald spot!

But don’t worry, I told him not to feel too self-conscious. He’s not the only one! Alex has a bald spot too!

Ooohhh... I am so getting in trouble for this post!

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