Saturday business

Since the next two weekends are going to be filled with travels and visitors, we’re going to take care of some business today.  We’re finally going to order the rest of our furniture, and we’re going over to Canada Water (in the Docklands) to a Tesco Extra to pick up some Target-like stuff.

But first we’re going to check out the local Cancer Store to see if there is anything good there. Yes, I said Cancer Store. It’s a charity-run shop that benefits cancer patients and survivors. Sort of like a Salvation Army, but with better quality stuff. I have to grab a picture of the shop at some point, because no one believes me that it’s actually called the Cancer Store.

Tonight we’re going to try and check out a movie, maybe Crazy Heart. And tomorrow, depending on the weather, we’re hoping to head up to Berkhamstead. There are ruins there of the oldest motte-and-bailey castle in all of England, built by William the Conqueror!  Cool!  (Yes, I’m totally geeking out about castles. Sorry.

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