Missing the mountains

Just a quick post tonight…

We saw the Jeff Bridges film Crazy Heart tonight. It’s totally made me homesick for Colorado. The wide open spaces, the country music, the big sky….  I miss the mountains!   And those western style shirts with the silver buttons down the front.

Although I never really was a “country girl” — I think (especially living here in London, where the differences are so pronounced) that anyone growing up in the West absorbs so much of the country lifestyle without even realizing it.

The story in the movie is such a simple tale, without many of the expected tropes of a love story/alcoholic redemption combo. And the ending just breaks your heart, while at the same time you’re left full of hope. It’s a very “real” movie, and Jeff Bridges was totally amazing in it. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely should.

Ok. We’re off to bed. Our furniture is coming tomorrow (yay!), so we can stop using our one single table for everything. 🙂    Oh, and we got an air mattress — so y’all can come stay anytime you like.




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  1. How exciting! You are amazing-pulling it all together! Enjoy your trip. I love your movie and book reviews. VAB

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