The Cunard Line

When we began seriously planning the logistics of this move, I briefly flirted with the idea of taking a ship across the Atlantic. I was attracted by the old world romance of the voyage … evening dinners with the captain … fancy dress and formal manners … space to relax and enjoy the ocean.

Unfortunately it just wasn’t feasible, mostly due to time issues. The Cunard Line only sails transatlantic in the summer and fall, (to avoid iceberg season, I believe).

Although it didn’t work out this time, I still hope that someday we can enjoy a cruise like this. We might be the only people on board under the age of 70, but I don’t care! recently published a fairly long article about a couple who did just this cruise. They had lived in Berlin for a year and decided to take the Queen Mary II back to New York City. The ship sails from Portsmouth, a short train ride away from London.

So if any of you are thinking of coming for a visit…. think about the QM2!  A super cheap inside cabin is only about $900 (including 6 nights, and 3 four-course meals every day!).


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  1. This sounds enchanting! I remember that you discovered cruise as an option. Seems like a good deal. So, it would take about 7 days? VAB

    • Yes, about 7 days each way. Of course, most people only take the ship one way, and then fly back. But if you have the time, it would be a lovely trip!

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