Tea with the Queen!

For those of you who think that the British Royalty are a bunch of stiff-necked, stuffy, out-of-touch, and distant burdens-on-the-public, I’d like to introduce you to the 21st century.

The Royal Family has their own YouTube Channel.

They have their own Twitter Feed.

You can take virtual tours of the Royal Residences.

There is an online archive of official images and documents for your perusal.

And you can even catch of a glimpse of the Queen’s diary. (Over here that means calendar, by the way).

Or, if you choose to be more old-fashioned, you can snail mail the queen. Here are the directions, including instructions on how to formally address Her Maj.

Ooh!  I just found that Lady Gaga met the Queen! Back in December!   How fun!


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  1. She (HRM) looks amazing! I think I have that outfit!!!! I can’t wait to follow all the links. What fun! Valerie

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