Southend on Sea

This past Saturday we faced a slight dilemma: the cable guy was supposed to come and install our permanent internet, and we were also supposed to go to Southend on Sea to visit an exhibit about subway maps. Ultimately we parted ways, and I waited for the cable guy (he was not expert) and Alex went to see the maps.

The cable guy couldn’t install our internet however, because there wasn’t the right sort of cable outside. So apparently they are going to pull new cable under the sidewalk for us. I hope that doesn’t involve as much as work as it sounds like!

Alex had a nice time at the seaside, although it was bitterly cold. Here are just a few pictures from his day out.

Most of the town sits on top of a hill overlooking the water. This is the road that runs along the top, looking out to sea.

This is looking up at the town. He took the previous picture while standing near the top of these stairs. (Don't worry! There are lifts!)

The town is famous for the pier, which stretches a mile out into the water. There is even a train on it!

We will definitely have to go back to Southend on Sea once the weather warms up a bit. Even though it has been fairly sunny for the past week, it’s been really cold. I think it might have to do with the dampness — the cold goes through you much faster than in New York City.


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