Even Sin City Has Limits…

I semi-regularly follow some airline/airport blogs to keep up with travel news and travel options.  I was quite amused to see this in Today in the Sky, a USA Today blog:

In the latest sign of airports’ financial pressure, Las Vegas McCarran officials are considering a plan to become the first U.S. airport to install a liquor store in the baggage-claim area. Many airports sell liquor at bars and duty-free stores, but the proposal is aiming to capture revenue from arriving passengers who are headed into Sin City.  “Oh, I know it will be a gold mine for some liquor store, but does this mean we’ll do anything for money?” Commissioner Steve Sisolak told the Las Vegas Sun. “What’s next? Airport strip clubs? Topless bars?”

This, from the airport blanketed with slot machines (and “sin” city)!

I can hear the dinging...

That commissioner needs to move to another city if he’s outraged by THAT.  On the other hand, perhaps they should be considering the negative impacts to the city’s (very many) liquor stores and drinking establishments.


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