A walk in the (chilly) park

I can tell that we’re becoming Londoners because of our new-found fascination with the weather!  Yesterday’s forecast was for “high clouds, with a high of 9” (celsius, that is) … so I decided to take advantage of the relative dryness and go walkabout in Regent’s Park.

Regent’s Park sits in the north of Central London in the City of Westminster. Just west of Camden Town, it is bordered along the north by the Regent’s Canal. There are some lovely little boat houses here. The canal connects with the original London docks and the Camden locks. I’ll have to visit those on another day.

Don't you just wish you could take one of these for a spin?

At the south end of the park is a lovely coffee shop called The Crow and Bean (that to me looks like a church, but what do I know?).  They serve coffee, tea, scones, and ice cream.

I can't wait to come here in the summer.

 I walked along the Broadwalk from the south end of the park to the north. Along the way I saw lots of dogs, most off the lead (or leash, in the States). It was so much fun to watch them play in the mud!  One thing that I did see that I thought was eminently sensible (and therefore quite British, in my estimation), is these boxes. They are for dog waste only!

Not a doggie bag, but a doggie box! Makes the sanitation worker's job much more pleasant, I'm sure.

There were also some really nice playgrounds. (England seems to be wary of strangers taking pictures of children in parks though, so I didn’t push my luck. Last week a man was arrested for snapping a pic of his own son!)

In the center of the Broadwalk near the middle of the park stands this lovely fountain. It wasn’t running at this time of year, but I bet in the summer it provides a welcome place to cool off.

White marble!

 What was most interesting about the fountain, however, was the plaque installed on the southern face. Here’s a close-up:

Who would have guessed that there was a "Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association"?

While the weather was a bit chilly, I definitely enjoyed my walk in the park. I think Londoners, like New Yorkers, cherish their open spaces. It’s nice that they have several options. But I have to admit, so far Regent’s Park is my favorite!

A perfect spot


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  1. I felt like I was walking with you except too bad we couldn’t enjoy the icecream together!

  2. Yuck. I never realized how many little baggies of dog poo must fill every NYC trash can until I dog sat for two weeks. Multiply twice a day by 20+ dogs who frequent the park across the street from my apt. That’s a lotta poo. And imagine the poor hapless person digging through that trash for bottles to recycle or food. Ugh.

  3. Love the pictures! A sense of tranquility coupled with grand adventure! Valerie

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