Whilst out and about, we came across what appeared to be an act of vandalism. I know that those of you who are car enthusiasts will stop breathing for just a minute when you see the pictures.

Covered in blue paint.


Luckily it turned out to be a marketing campaign. There were 5 cars in a row. The middle car was the brand new advertised car, while the 4 outer cars were other competitor’s cars. I don’t think they actually splashed paint on the cars, it looked more like plastic sticky stuff that could be peeled off. But they even went so far as to splash paint on the pavement, so maybe it was real.

I’ve been trying to figure out what the message was though. Maybe that the regular spills and messes of life won’t touch you in your new brand X car?  Perhaps. But my problem with it is that I honestly don’t remember what car they were actually advertising! I just remember the cars with the paint on them! Seems like a bright idea that doesn’t work in reality.


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