A Walk along the River Wandle

The River Wandle meanders not far from our flat, parallel to Garratt Lane, from Earlsfield to Wandsworth.  Yesterday afternoon, since we actually had a sunny day, I took a wander along the Wandle.

The entire river is 14 km in length, and empties into the Thames. It’s called a chalk river, because most of the water filters through the chalk downs south of London into the tributary streams. The Wandle has been used since Roman times. It was heavily industralized in the 18th century, and at one point was one of the most polluted rivers in the UK. However, it has been cleaned up significantly.

The Wandle Trail is a walkable trail that (mostly) follows the rivers path from Croyden to Wandsworth. The trail is a total of 20 km, and while I just walked .8 of that yesterday, I’m eager to explore the rest!



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  1. V. v. english and cool.

  2. Love the pictures!

  3. How serene!

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