Oh, how I love children

So my plan was to meet Alex for lunch, and then go to the V&A. What I didn’t know is that this week is “half-term” for British schools. I think it’s like Spring Break. But instead of going to get drunk in Mexico (or Cornwall…?), all the kiddies go to the museums in South Kensington.

It took me 5 minutes to get from the platform to the ticket gates! And there was a 40 minute line to get to the front door of the Science Museum! I’ve never seen so many strollers in my life.

So you can imagine that I high-tailed it out of there pretty fast  Instead I’m going to go for a walk along the River Wandle, which meanders not far from our flat. I’ll try to bring back some pictures, since it’s actually sunny today!



Posted on 17/02/2010, in Just a funny. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Suzanne M-G

    Cornwall is a great place to sit on the sea wall with a beer or two or three. . . . John and I took our pasties (we’ve had that conversation already)and our beer and did just that in 2007.
    BTW, loved Alex’s post on “politeness.”
    Love to you both!
    V & A is a great museum. I love the fact that it is free, too.

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