Magic Corn!


Magic Corn flavours

We ventured out today to Wimbledon, which is one stop southwest on the train. There’s a mall there and a Tesco that we wanted to try out for groceries. Whilst (ha!) at the mall, we saw the coolest (well, that depends) thing…. Magic Corn!

Basically it’s a stand in the mall that sells little buckets of corn. Apparently it’s magical. The flavours (he he!) are really intriguing: cheese, pepper, sour cream and onion, lemon, curry, tom yum, mexican chili, barbeque, and tomato.  I’m really curious to know what sour cream flavored corn tastes like! Or maybe I’m not.
We had to pass on the magic corn today, but you can be sure that we’ll be going back!

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  1. But are the flavours considered condiments?

  2. M-m-m-m-mmmm Tomato corn ?? I don’t know, I think I’ll pass too

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