We don’t have a microwave!  How is it that we didn’t notice this when were looking at the flat, or when we first moved in? It was only last night, as we were thinking about dinner, that we realized: we have no method of heating food.

Because we don’t have any pots or pans yet, and no microwave, we had to eat sandwiches (ugh) or go out. So out we went!  We tried Carluccio’s, a cute Italian chain restaurant just down the street. It was good!

So today my goal is to figure out where in the UK one goes to purchase a small appliance. In the States I would say Target, but no such luck. It’s all part of the adventure, right?  Thats what I keep telling myself!


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  1. I wonder if they carry such things in Mark and Spencers? I should think so. Heck, John and I ate our lunches on tour there every day we hit a city that had one of those stores to save money. Sandwiches (just your favorite, huh?)were actually very good there and inventive – not your typical cold cut garbage.

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