More flat pictures

The Loo!

And the tub! (yes, that is a mirror, which my jiggly bits don't really appreciate)

The bedroom, with doors leading on to balcony.


Posted on 04/02/2010, in Logistics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Congrats on your flat! Enjoy the towel warmer! UK towel warmers are the best. They get super warm ( not at all like what you get here in the states). It is the little things like that you will notice– and love!! Hope you both are feeling better soon! Lots of snow expected here in MD this weekend!

  2. Suzanne M-G

    You know, your flat pictures are amazing. The place look brand new. Is it? Seriously, I thought you guys would be in some drafty cold water mess that costs a million bucks a month – sort of like some of the dumps around DU main campus and Capitol Hill!
    Hope the cats are not hiding anymore.

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