First day!

Today is Alex’s first day at work. Last night I was a good wife and ironed his shirt for him (and tried not to cough on it too much!).  I’m at the hotel today prepping for my interview and trying to recover from this dratted cold. It’s really hanging in there, unfortunately.

I just popped out to the pharmacy to hook up with some drugs. Of course they don’t have the brands I’m familiar with, but drugs are drugs, right?  I asked the lady behind the counter for a cough syrup. She wanted to know if my cough was ”chesty” or ”tickly”!  For a second I thought maybe I was in the wrong store! But this is definitely a chesty cough. And it sure says right on the bottle: ”Benilyn Chesty”.

Ok. That’s all for now, folks. Things are going to get hairy again in the next few days. We’ll keep you posted!


Posted on 01/02/2010, in Logistics, Transit and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Good luck to you guys!

  2. Mark & Sally Adrian

    Astrid I hope your cold gets better soon & am interested in Alex’s impression of his new job. Glad you seem to have found an apartment. Enjoying your blog. Good luck in your job hunt. Catherine & Mau are coming here Feb 20th & 21st. Dan & Julie probably coming too. Please send your Skype name when you get a permanent computer hook-up so we can talk to you for free. Mark

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