Movin’ On Out

We had to leave our lovely temporary flat in Fulham today, because the university has need of it for someone else. And since we can’t move in to our permanent home until Wednesday, we’ve checked in to a hotel in East Putney.

The kitties were quite enamoured of the tube. Not!  I dont think Amaretto stopped meowing the entire time. And of course it’s not the nice meow, it’s the ”Someone is trying to kill me! Help!” meow.  We got quite a few looks, let me tell you!

So the room here is small but adequate. I wish we could have gone straight to Earlsfield, but these are the breaks. Alex starts work tomorrow, so I have to find the bag with all his ties!

I’m also sad to report that my cold has taken up residence in my lungs. It’s nothing too serious, just annoying. Alex is a sweetheart and is ferrying all our stuff back and forth while I’m staying out of the cold air.

I think I must have had 47 cups of tea so far today, but since it’s cold and rainy out, it seems like a good time to brew up another. I love these electric kettles!


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