Friday Morning Update

I know you’ve been hearing from Astrid quite a lot, so here is this morning’s news from my point of view.

First, I should say that I’m scheduled to start work on Monday morning. I went by yesterday so that they could photocopy my passport and visa and to pick up some paperwork. As they apologized for all the forms and paperwork, I tried to explain that I worked for a governmental entity in New York (so excessive, overly bureaucratic paperwork is what I’m used to!). Hopefully things are in line for me to start Monday, although it is a bit hard to fill out paperwork asking front and center for address when I don’t yet have one.

On that front, I am hot on the pursuit. I transferred money from our US bank to our UK bank last night online via wire transfer – it is done on the US side (read: the money’s gone!) but hasn’t yet shown up on the UK side. Since the banks officially open in about 15 min at 9:30 here, I’m hoping that my excessive clicking of “refresh” on the internet banking page will soon yield a big balance. Then I should be able to easily transfer from the UK bank to the bank account of the letting agent. I’ve also filled out the referencing paperwork and we hope that can be processed quickly.

For those wanting to know more about the revised ‘hood, see the Wikipedia entry for a description. As Astrid mentioned, while this is a “suburban” train service it is quite good; we will have trains every 3-4 min in both directions from 7am-10pm weekdays and Saturdays (and every 5-8 min on Sundays). To the north/east is one stop to Clapham Junction, the busiest rail station in Europe with connections to Victoria and all over southern England, three stops to Vauxhall to connect to the Victoria Line of the tube, and four stops to the terminal at Waterloo (with tube connections as well). In the other direction it is one stop to Wimbledon, where there is the District Line of the tube and the Tramlink (which goes directly to IKEA among other places). So, we will still be quite well connected, and I haven’t even mentioned buses (to spare you, I’ll save that for another time).

In the meantime, I’m searching for pet-friendly hotels (luckily, there appear to be more of them than flats!) as we will likely need 2-3 nights in a hotel. Sunday’s task will be moving the cats and the luggage to a hotel. So, today I’m going to work on those things and hope to find time to get over to the DLR – for those in the know today is the last weekday of approximately 6-week shutdown of service to Bank station while they upgrade for longer trains. So, I want to see the enhanced service going to Tower Gateway (the alternate “city” terminal).

Stay tuned!


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  1. Wishes for bon chance!!! Love, Valerie

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