A rough day

We had a bit of a rough day, to be honest.  We woke up thinking that we had an flat, and then first thing we got a phone call saying that the landlord changed his mind about the cats. So we were back to square one.

We saw 3 flats yesterday that we liked, and since we’d already lost our number 1 choice, we decided to make offers on numbers 2 and 3. In addition, we scheduled a few appointments to look at other places this afternoon. One was nice but far from the train, the other was not as nice and the landlord seemed sketchy. The last one we saw tonight was pretty decent, and we’re calling it our back-up plan.

Ultimately, our second choice flat also fell through (the agent dropped the ball). But it looks like our third choice is still good. We spent the day negotiating back and forth, but it still looks okay. The offices closed at 6, but we’re going to submit our deposit money first thing in the morning.

Now, this flat isn’t in Balham, which is why it was our third choice. It’s in Earlsfield, which is just slightly west of Balham. But, it’s about 10 steps from the train station, and the train station is very busy. 16 trains per hour to London Waterloo. So the access is, in some ways, better than being on the tube.  Also, the flat itself is really nice. It’s above a shop, and is pretty spacious. It has a nice new kitchen, a large bath, and a balcony off the bedroom in the back.

I shouldn’t be mentioning all this, because there’s still a chance things could change. We do have the backup flat in mind, so we’re not panicking yet!


Posted on 28/01/2010, in Logistics. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Bummer! Who knew the Brits were so anti-cat?

    • They are terribly anti-cat! Apparently in the UK almost all cats are outdoor cat, so all the estate agents we’ve dealt with expect us to need outdoor space. And a few have even said that we’re quite strange to keep the cats indoors all the time!

  2. You guys are amazing!! You have accomplished so much. Don’t get discouraged; you will find a great place that welcomes fun folk and felines. It sounds like you are really discovering the culture and geography of the Kingdom. Hang in there and good fortune!! Love, Valerie

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