Take Deux

So we got bad news this morning from Du Cane Court.  After all that palaver, they decided that they don’t take cats.  That was upsetting.  But we rebounded!

Blah Blah Blah

We spent most of the mid-day at home working the phones and talking to estate agents. This seemed to be slightly more productive than walking into the offices.But that might be just because you can call more people than you can see in any given time period.  (See Alex on the phone.)

We got a few hits, and made a few appointments. On a whim we decided to go see a flat in Earlsfield, which is farther out than Balham, but seemed to have a lot of places listed. I know it was a bit of a detour, but we just wanted to see it in case it got to be Thursday and it was time to panic.

The flat in Earlsfield was lovely, and it was definitely on our list. It was on the High Street, just above a shop. It had a small balcony in the back. But it also had not-so-nice carpet, potentially a lot of street noise, and mosty (!) it only has 1 train servicing the area.  So we kept it in mind, and headed back to Balham. On the way we saw these 2 really cute shops.

Bootsy 'n' Smudge

The cutest bookshop in the world!

We then went back to Balham and saw two more flats. Both of them were quite nice! The first was above an accountant’s office on the High Street, and the second was just around the corner from the High Street.  We really liked the look of the second place, and we’ve put in an offer.

The estate agent thinks the landlord will accept, but we won’t know for sure until the morning. At least we confirmed this time that cats are accepted!  I’m not going to post pictures of the flat until we know for sure, because otherwise I’ll get my hopes up even higher!


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  1. Fingers crossed!

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