Wolf Hall

I’m about 3/4 of the way through Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. It’s really good!  Very heavy, and the writing style can sometimes be confusing (until you realize that almost everything is told through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell). I would highly recommend it, if you’re already familiar with the cast and characters of the time.

But the reason I’m blogging about it is because I just read a paragraph when 2 characters are escorting a prisoner to Croyden. They choose to go to Croyden instead of a closer prison to give their prisoner an opportunity to escape, into the thick and lush Wandsworth Woods.

This is funny to me, because we were just in Wandsworth! And it’s not even close to being woods anymore.  But I think this might be my favorite London-living phenomenon:  actually getting to see the places I’ve read so much about. Even if they’re totally different now, I still get a thrill!



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  1. I love you Astrid!
    Woohoo!;) I will have to read this book too!;) Miss you, so glad for you! I will write big email to let you know how I am! Incidently, I am in Ireland at the moment, but leave from Dublin on Feb. 2nd!;) It has been great!;)

    Okay, keep doin’ well!;)



  2. christine rassa

    I have been following your blog and it looks exciting and adventurous. I hope we can get over to see you there. Take care, stay well and have fun. Good Luck to Alex as he starts his new job and hope the apt.or flat hunting goes well.

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