Case of the Mondays

Hi Folks. I know some of you were aware that I had a big second interview today with a hoity toity publishing company. I’d love to be able to write that I knocked it out of the park, but unfortunately with these Brits and their stiff upper lips, it’s kind of hard to tell.  I think I personally presented myself well, and I feel confident in my skills. They are doing yet a third round of interviews next week, so please “hold thumbs” for me yet again!

In other news, we saw a couple of flats this evening down south. One was near Balham (sort of), but wasn’t in very good condition. The other was near Streatham, and was amazing! The inside was all redone with fancy woodwork and cool cabinetry, but it was pretty far from the station and down this totally sketchy “footpath”.  It’s basically a fenced in path, about 4 feet wide, but about 400 yards long. The whole time we were walking down it I felt that I had a sign on my back saying “rob me!”.  So even though the place was great, we’re going to pass.

But have no fear! We have 2 more appointments set up for tomorrow morning, and a few other good leads we’ll be pursuing. It’s only Monday, and Alex says we’re not allowed to panic until at least Thursday.  🙂

Thanks everyone for your kind notes lately, they’ve really done a number on helping with the homesickness!



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