Saturday night, going downtown to see the sights…

We love Balham!  We both really think it’s going to be the best bang for our buck (or pound, as the case may be). We had dinner at a super cute modern-like pub, called Blithe Spirit. I drank a whole pint of a Foster’s Shandy. Yum!

There are about a million letting agencies, and some of them even had listings in our price range. I feel very much encouraged!

We also saw Wandsworth Town, which was okay. At first we were excited by it, but then seeing Balham made it kind of pale in comparison.

We’re trying to be very open-minded about neighborhoods, but we do have a few requirements.

1. Excellent transport. Alex would like multiple options, so he doesn’t get bored with just a single line or service (he’s now giving me a dirty look).

2. Cute pub(s). I want a place where we can go after work on a Friday night, that is not a crazy loud bar or meat market.

3. A breakfast or coffee shop. Someplace where, on Sunday mornings, we can run out for a chocolate croissant and a cuppa.

That’s pretty much it for our must haves. Our would-really-likes include a close grocery store, laundry in the building or unit, and an independent bookstore.  Unfortunately this is becoming harder and harder to find in London. There are only a few indies left, most bookstores are now the larger corporate B&N variety. Sadness.

We’re also willing to be very flexible on size. I know that this is not what all our friends and family planning to visit are hoping to hear, but if we find an amazing studio in a great location for a good price, we’re gonna take it.

Our goals for tomorrow include R&R!  Since most things shut down on Sundays, we can’t advance the flat cause too much. So we’re going to go out and do something touristy and fun.  Any suggestions??



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  1. Sounds like you are making wonderful progress! I am glad to hear that you have planned R&R for Sunday-you all need it. Love the updates! Valerie

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