The local pub

So there are about 10 pubs between our temp-flat and the internet cafe.  My favorite one is called ”The Goat and Eel”.  It has a sign out front that says ”We can’t be bothered to cook today. Order a pizza straight to the bar.”  I just love that!

Alex arrives today! I’m about to head out to Heathrow to pick him up. He thinks we’re taking the tube home, but I know he has at least 3 giant duffel bags…  we’ll have to see if I can convince him that a traditional black cab is a London experience that shouldn’t be missed!

I’m happy to announce that other than walking on the wrong side of the apartment, the kitties are settling in well. Booker turned up his nose at English cat food for about 3 seconds, and then decided he was starving and couldn’t be picky.  Amaretto finally came out from under the bed this morning, and she enjoyed discovering the large window.

I went grocery shopping last night at Waitrose. It seems to be nicer than Sainsbury’s, but a bit more expensive. Lots of prepared foods, and lots of Indian prepared foods. I think we’re going to have to learn to love curry!


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  1. Watch out for the pub signs that read: “No children under 18”.

    Pets welcome

  2. Indian Samoosas (sp?) is kinda like the Indian version of a Cornish pasty. Enjoy ! and have one for me

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