About last night…

So last night, feeling lonely, I decided to go see a movie. Er, sorry, a ”film” at the local ”theatre”.

My brother raved about Avatar, so that’s what I saw. And I have to say, it was totally awesome!  Definitely one of the best sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen!  But I have to say, the British are a little weird in their movies. Apparently there is no problem with bringing in your own food — this one woman had an entire 3 course dinner a la picnic!  And in the States, I find that generally no one sits immediately next to a stranger. They always leave a seat empty, and then later it’s awkward because people have to move over to make room if the theater is full. But the British have no problem with personal space. They get right in next to you, no matter what!

Afterwards I bought my second-ever Cornish Pasty for dinner.  It’s like a really flaky croissant, with yummy stuff inside. I had a sausage one, but they come in all kinds of flavors (like cheese and onion, or potato, etc.).  I dont know what makes it especially Cornish, but whatever it was, I’m a fan.

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  1. Suzanne M-G

    Hi Astrid!

    Glad you liked Avatar. John and I saw it a couple weeks ago. I was prepared to dislike the movie, for I really didn’t have good feelings about the elongated blue-green lifeforms, but when I actually saw the film, I developed empathy for them very quickly.

    Cornish pasties vary in their quality wildly. the first one I had in Cornwall was just God awful: heavy, greasy and just plain gross! the second one in 2007 (also purchased in St. Ives) was flaky and wonderful.

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