Things we did right!

1. Get a UK cellphone before coming, or immediately upon landing. The pay as you go phones are relatively inexpensive, and are totally helpful when needing to send messages.

2. Research neighborhoods before arriving. I spent today riding buses around the city looking at various hoods, and I’m so glad we’re not starting from scratch. We’ve already narrowed it down to 3 or 4 areas, and that makes it so much easier to find a flat!

3. Have a place to land. We’ve been so lucky to have this flat to use for the first 10 days! It’s so great to have a home base, and it totally takes off the immediate pressure on the house-hunt. Even though it’s taken me more than 24 hours to figure out how to use the shower, it’s infintely better than a hotel room!

4. Keep in touch with friends and family. It’s been so nice getting all your notes of support!  This would be so much more difficult if I didn’t know that we had the love and support of everyone back in the US.  Thank you!!!


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  1. I don’t know if London is the same, but when I was in Glasgow way back in the 90s I stopped by this bakery and had this caramel pastry that was the most delicious caramel ever. So, I recommend the any pastries with caramel, if you get the chance! Have fun and keep blogging!

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