One Down (well up really)

Well, Astrid is in the air, passing over the mouth of the St. Lawrence River just about now, from northern New Brunswick to then cross over between Newfoundland and Labrador. A big hello down to Great Big Sea in St. John’s from the plane – I’m sure we’ll make it to Newfoundland one day!

We had a little drama at the check-in counter; surely this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about some “variability” in airline scales. We weighed her bags before leaving home, but sure enough at least one came in overweight at the airport. The other problem was that they wouldn’t go for a huge carry-on and a huge “personal item” – so 125 USDs later she was checking three bags instead of two.

Another scary moment was when the check-in person said “we’re not allowed to let anyone travel to London on a one-way ticket” – which certainly begs the question as to why the airline would sell you said ticket – but luckily a flash of the visa calmed that situation down.

When I wake up she will be hopefully pulling up to the gate at Heathrow, and then finding a cab to our temporary flat. Just for the record, the use of a cab does go against everything I believe in, but I’ll make a special exception for a single person with two 50-lb (or should I say 23 kg) monsters plus a smaller rolling suitcase and a full backpack (the fact that that person is my wife is not irrelevant either!).

And then there were three…


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