Laundry night

Whoo hoo!  I never thought I would be excited about a visit to the laundromat, but that night, my friends, has totally come.

Tonight I am going to visit the land of quarters and soap for the LAST TIME! 

I’ve decided to become a nudist.

And now you’re all praying to any and all gods that I’m joking.  Which of course, I am. I’m just excited because we’re hoping to have laundry facilities in our London flat. Which means that the laundry I do tonight will be the last washing of our clothes in good ol-US of A Patriotic Number One We’re the Best Country in the World public machines.

Wish me luck.



Posted on 14/01/2010, in Preparations. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Suzanne M-G

    Oh, let’s hope the washers are front loaders, so you can mesmerize yourself watching things going round and round and round. . . .

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