6 Days and Counting…

In just 6 days I will be 1 hour out from JFK on the way to Iceland.  I know you heard that we were moving to London, but there’s been a slight change of plans!

Don’t worry, though, I’ll only be staying in Reykjavik for about 2 hours (and yes, despite being around 9am, it will be dark – sunrise will be at 11am, so I’ll miss that entirely).

The next 144 hours will be a wild ride of clean-up, pack-up, wrap-up, and sap-up, with good-byes at work and good-riddances at the neighbors.  The knowledge that it won’t be my problem any more in 96 hours or less takes the edge off the work stress a bit, I will admit.

Either way, in less than a week I will be very glad to turn my full attention to London, UK – finding a flat, getting a cell phone (sorry, mobile) that doesn’t totally suck, and other associated otherwise- mundane-but-very-exciting-because-they-are-across-the-ocean things.  Stay tuned…


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