Doin’ the Suitcase Shuffle

Yay!  My wonderful friend has agreed to swap suitcases with us!  We have 3 small roll-aboard style suitcases, but we need 1 bigger one. And she has a super big one, but needs a small rolly. So it’s a match made in heaven!  Thank you!

We also used a giftcard to buy a rolling duffel bag from Macy’s. It’s got yellow “racing stripes”. I’m not sure why, and they kind of scare me.

It’s a little frightening to think that all our belongings for the next several years have to fit in a few bags, yet at the same time it’s totally liberating. We’ve gotten rid of so much stuff! And it all just confirms for me that Americans, as a society, are way too materialistic. I can’t say for certain whether the British will be any better, but I’m excited to find out!


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