Life in 5 x 7

We’ve decided to get a storage unit to store those things that are still important to us, but not worth it to bring along on our adventuring. This consists mostly of my books.  I have many, many books.  (In my defense, I work in publishing, where they give out a lot of free books, so I consider my restraint to be somewhat remarkable!)

The process of actually packing the books away was harder than I expected.  You see, I really love my books. In fact, in some cases, it could be described as a relationship. I tend to re-read books … my favorites I’ve read over and over again. My favorite authors, like Sharon Kay Penman, Alison Weir, and Anne McCaffrey, were REALLY HARD to put in boxes. It felt like we were breaking up!

Ahh.. and here is the point in the blog when you start questioning my sanity.  I’m really not crazy, I just really love my books. Ultimately, despite the struggle and my deep desire to read every single book “one last time”… they all got packed away.  It’s a pretty impressive pile.

This is our pile-o-boxes. Mostly books, but some other stuff too.

Which brings us back to the point of storage. We decided to get a storage unit. A 5 foot by 7 foot storage. At first I was skeptical that this would be enough, but it turns out to be plenty. I know because we taped out a 5×7 square on the floor of the apartment, and we’re slowly stacking things in the square. Once it’s full, we’re done!!

Am I sad to be leaving behind so much history? Yes and no. The books and other things will still be here for us when we get back, and we’re going to be so busy adventuring that we won’t have time to miss them. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Alex just keeps telling me that there are bookstores and these things called “libraries” in England.  We’ll have to investigate.

I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. LUVVIT ! ! ! I can send you a tuft from “Uncle Scotch” just to remind them of how lucky they are to be going to London, and not Colorado – – – –

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