Greetings and Salutations!

Hi there!

Welcome to our blog… which is (hopefully) going to be full of our adventures and misadventures while living in London.  We’ve begun the final countdown (and yes, we are playing that theme song a lot right now) and all of our carefully thought out plans are rapidly deteriorating into mass chaos.

With two weeks to go until the first plane is boarded, we’ve gotten all the books packed and ready for storage. I’ve spent the past week becoming Queen-of-Craigslisting, and we’ve done a pretty decent job of getting rid of lots of stuff.  What’s left is a mish-mash of things that we’re sending to Goodwill, and stuff that we need to live and work for the next two weeks.

This is Amaretto. She is very interested in all this hustle-bustle going on, but not so interested in the work involved. She’s more of a “lounge kitty”.

Amaretto is working very hard to make sure the boxes don't go anywhere.

Honestly, getting the cats to England is almost more complicated than getting ourselves there! Luckily they’re all up to date with their shots, and we’re getting the veterinary certificate next week.

Alrighty then, I think that’s enough rambling for our first post. I’ll have more details later this week, and maybe I’ll let you see the chaos that is the closet!



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  1. Love the new blog! 🙂

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